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Emergency Room

If you need emergency medical attention, dial “911”.


Welcome and thank you for choosing our Emergency Department.

Our team of physicians and nurses is ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve you.

Every Patient Is Important to Us

We strive to see everyone as quickly as possible. In an Emergency Department, it is extremely important that the most acutely ill and injured be seen first. Examples of emergencies that would be treated in an Emergency Department are: heart attack, stroke, asthma, very high or low blood sugar, severe injuries caused by accidents that occur at home, at work, with children at play, or by vehicles; burns, poisoning, psychiatric emergencies or injuries caused by violence.

Our goal for each patient is prompt, specialized, efficient care. However, there are reasons why you may have to wait longer than expected such as other patients being taken ahead of you because of their condition, or the need for procedures such as lab work and x-rays to determine the proper treatment for you.

We appreciate your patience, understanding and cooperation.

The staff will make every attempt to keep you and your family members informed of the progress of your emergency department visit. Please direct any unanswered questions to the triage nurse.


Upon your arrival you will enter a triage where you will be evaluated by a registered nurse experienced in emergency nursing. This is where it is decided which patients need to be treated first. The urgency of your condition will be determined by your symptoms, vital signs, and medical history. More seriously ill patients will be brought back first and will be registered at the bedside rather than with the secretary in the waiting area. Registration is required for each patient for the purpose of creating a record of your visit. You will also be asked to sign consent for treatment. A parent or guardians signature is needed for all children.

Waiting Area

There is a vending machine in the room just outside of the emergency room entrance for your convenience. Please check with the triage nurse before giving the patient anything to eat or drink. A restroom is located in the waiting room. Patients are asked to check with the triage nurse in case a specimen is needed. Please notify staff if the restroom needs attention. As a reminder, it is hospital policy that unattended children are not permitted in any patient care area or in the Hospital Lobby


When you leave, you will be given written instructions for patient care at home. It is very important that you understand and follow these instructions. Please ask questions if you do not understand. You are responsible for your care after discharge. Please make follow-up appointments as directed in your discharge instructions. Please take medications as prescribed.

We wish you good health!