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Patient Testimonials

We know that patients have many options when selecting a hospital, and we are truly grateful
to every patient who choses Roxborough Memorial Hospital for their healthcare needs. We are committed to providing each patient with high-quality, compassionate care and ensuring that they are informed and engaged in their own healthcare journey.

Every patient's story is their own. Here, we share some of their stories on how our team has impacted them and, often, how they have impacted our team.


A patient and the patient’s family sent the nursing staff on our Medical Surgical (Med-Surg) floor edible arrangements, and a card to show their appreciation for the care the patient received. The inside of the card said “2nd floor nursing staff, thank you for the wonderful care during my stay with you.”

~Patient, Medical Surgical Floor~

"Your staff couldn't have been more pleasant, friendly, and helpful. They took a stressful situation (for me) and made it a positive outcome. Everyone was very professional and nice. I would highly recommend Roxborough Memorial Hospital to others."

~Patient on Medical Surgical Floor~

Possibly the proudest I've ever been to vote in an election. Thanks to my amazing sister and the incredibly helpful staff at Roxborough Memorial Hospital I was able to vote today with an emergency absentee ballot. Kristin served as my authorized voting representative and brought the ballot to me in the hospital and then delivered it to the county election office here in my neighborhood. Yes, I'm in the the hospital and have been here since Sunday morning, but I'm doing much better now and will be getting released tomorrow morning.

~B.M., Patient on Medical Surgical Floor.~

The you for letting me use an IPAD to see my family, during COVID. This brightened up my day. Connecting with them visually gave me sense of comfort knowing we were there for each other, even though I am unable to see them in person.

~W.B., Patient on Medical Surgical Floor~

Recently a month or so, I had some health issues and finally had to be rushed to the emergency room at the Roxborough Memorial Hospital. Thereafter doing some formalities, like filling out medical information, insurance forms etc., I was then immediately taken to the emergency room. There, all the emergency physicians, doctors, nurses and other staff treated me so kind and compassionately. After staying four days in the hospital the doctors, nurses and other staff treated me humanly & kind. I thank all the physicians who treated & took care of me. I now feel so much better than when I was first admitted into the hospital. Thanks again to all the Roxborough Memorial Hospital Doctors, nurses, other staff who treated me so kindly!

~T.A., Patient Room No.: 305 B~

I visited Roxborough Memorial Hospital yesterday as a patient scheduled for a breast biopsy. My anxiety level was high as one could imagine. The anxiety was put to rest with the kindness & professionalism of Dr. Steve Greensweig and his team who tended to me. They were awesome, each & everyone. While I don’t remember everyone’s name a shout out to Sandy, Allison, Heather…even the admitting receptionist. Many thanks to all!! God bless you and your families as you do your most important work. Sincerely yours, Alice. K.

~Alice, K. Radiology OP~

Good Morning,

I am writing to give the highest praise to Linda Hawkins. I had a elective L hip replacement and L femur revision last October 13, 2020 at another facility. My stay at this facility was 30 days with the last two at Moss Rehabilitation. I was discharged 11/2020.

I have had Outpatient Physical/Occupational Therapy at home two separate times and also at a Hospital in the area.

Not until I came to Roxborough Memorial Hospital and started working with Linda did I experience such a remarkable recovery. I started my Therapy with a walker and much difficulty with my L leg. As of last Friday Linda had me walk the perimeter of Roxborough Memorial Hospital with a cane and back to the Therapy Department.

I am writing to let you know what an asset she is to Roxborough Memorial Hospital. Without her working with me twice a week I would not be the ambulatory patient that I am today.

~Lisa B., Patient in Outpatient Physical/Occupational Therapy Department~