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Establishing Community Connections At Roxborough Memorial Hospital's Comprehensive Wound Healing Center

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Establishing Community Connections At Roxborough Memorial Hospital's Comprehensive Wound Healing Center

Philadelphia, PA – The City of Brotherly Love is no stranger to world-class medical institutions. The regional population of 6 million people have numerous choices when it comes to seeking healthcare services. However, when it comes to those who require care of chronic wounds, the options are not as abundant. As wound care clinicians well know, patients benefit from access to community-based facilities for specialized wound care, especially in a city known for its many neighborhoods and distinct local characteristics and personalities. For residents of Roxborough, an area in the northwest section of the city founded more than three centuries ago,1 the Comprehensive Wound Healing Center at Roxborough Memorial Hospital bridges that gap between local and quality care.

“It’s very important for patients to have access to wound care services in their community hospital because of travel,” said Marie Marvel, RN, BS, WCC, director of wound care at the Roxborough clinic. “A lot of [patients] have difficultly ambulating, difficultly with transportation, and just difficultly with fitting it into their schedules. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a daily treatment, so for someone to fit that in a couple hours each day and carve it out into their schedule five days a week is significant.” Along with Catherine E. Cahill, DO, physician medical director, and a team of nurses, Marvel helps care for wound care patients who live in the neighborhood known for its hilly terrain and high elevation along the Schuylkill River, as well as those living in parts of eastern Montgomery County.

“I think the distinction between a community hospital versus a tertiary care center is important,” said Cahill. “Certainly, in Philadelphia we see several tertiary care centers that serve not only locally but nationally and, in some cases, globally, whereas our community hospital serves the local areas around us. That’s something we’re really proud of, because we’re able to offer top-notch care to our local community and that our patients don’t have to travel to get that.”

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